Episode 76: The Lake.

"No William! You’re a Lyoko Warrior, you swore to it!"

Can we please just talk about this part for a bit?
Okay, so I recently found out that I’m not the only one who finds the characterization in Code Lyoko somewhat poor. Granted, it’s a children’s show, they don’t need a lot of “deep” characters in order to keep the attention of children (and even the attention of teenagers/young adults like us on this website, quite frankly). However, in this moment I feel like William has more character than anyone has shown in the entire series. Ever since his first experience in Lyoko he has been possessed by XANA. All he wanted to do was show the other Lyoko Warriors that he is not weak; that he can fight on the same level the rest of them can. He takes on the Scyphozoa, stupidly wanting to prove himself and that’s it, he’s been completely possessed. However, in this moment, many episodes later, it’s as if he is finally conscious of it, for a moment. He realizes he’s done wrong. He knows he’s possessed and he knows he’s hurt everyone. Not only is he in excruciating pain trying to escape XANA’s grasp, but he is trying not to hurt Yumi. He loves her. He may be stubborn and big headed, but he loves her. Her voice brings him back for a moment and he’ll do anything to protect her. But he hasn’t been a Lyoko Warrior as long as the rest of the team. He can’t escape. He can’t break free. And he is so apologetic. Yumi witnesses his attempts to break free, and the apologetic sorrow on his face when he can’t do it. Yet, when they do finally bring him back, they shun him. They treat him like a back-stabbing douchebag who only ever does wrong. And I hate that.

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